LOOP Clothes Shop


ethical & enviro friendly

LOOP ethical and enviro friendly clothes shop, is the latest addition to the LOOP Djakonija Parroċċi Social Enterprise.

The clothes shop at 42 Melita street Valletta, is a place where donated second hand clothes that are still in very good condition are washed and placed on sale for a nominal price (normally between 5 and 10 euros per piece).

The shop is run by volunteers so all the money raised supports the Fond Djakonija Parroċċi.

At LOOP you will also find a collection of Fair trade items, original gift items, made in local craft shops in developing countries. The Fair trade label is designed to help producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. The fair trade movement combines the payment of higher prices to exporters with improved social and environmental standards.

If you want to help at the shop by taking on a shift with other volunteers you can let us know here


LOOP – Ethical and Enviro Friendly Clothes Shop is part of LOOP Djakonija Parrocci – A social enterprise run by the 70 Maltese parishes of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta. Djakonija is Greek word for service among others. A term used for the services provided amongst people in need. In our case its more specifically parish djakonija – referring to the local efforts often provided by volunteers led by their parish priests in their local communities. Around 1300 families are helped each year in Malta.

We believe it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to care for the environment. We only have one planet and it is up to us to make sure it’s enjoyed by future generations! So our aim is to support the fullest use possible of clothes, working hard to make sure that less end up prematurely at the landfill.

So what we do is we accept donations of second hand clothes. Separating what is still good to be worn from what is only good for recycling or re-using as scrap textile. The clothes in a very good state are washed and put on sale at our shop for a nominal price. A small portion of which helps us pay the bills while the rest goes to the Parishes Djakonija Fund financing other needs in the community.

Of course when we meet people who cannot pay for their clothes the shop provides us with the opportunity to provide them with vouchers, like the ones you can buy for your family and friends, so they can come and choose the clothes they like. Without being singled out as people in need – after all when we help we are called to do this silently, with dignity, and in full conscious the s/he who today is in need is a person who is defined not by the need but by whatever skill, craft, or talent that brings out the best of him/her. Because we all do!

At the shop you will also find a small collection of fair trade items. Besides helping us top up the kitty, these products also help their producers in local craft shops in developing countries get a fair price for their days work – whilst providing us with some wonderful original gift ideas!