Help & Donate

Telephone Donations 51002037 €20 – 51902072 €50
IBAN: MT36APSB77013000000041233010026A/c FOSAM LOOP


Indeed you might already be one of us. Whether by supporting family members or promoting support in your own workplace or sparing some time to pray for all …your work support might be hidden but is not unaccounted for! You’re one of us!

If however you find it in your heart to offer some help, you can Tell us about your interest fill in the form on and we shall contact you shortly


You might also want to help us financially by

Drawing a cheque payable to: FOSAM/LOOP (Minimum €20.01 due to banking regulations). Addressed to: FOSAM/LOOP Archbishop’s Curia, St Calcedonius Sqr, Floriana

Making an online donation to our APS BANK A/c

FOSAM LOOP IBAN: MT36APSB77013000000041233010026

or through our donation lines as below

51002037 €20 – 51902072 €50