Author: Farrugia Liam

LOOP Parish Djakonija – Volunteers

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If you're new to Djakonija Pastoral Work we would like to get to know you!

If you are not involved yet but would like to help pls tell us how you'd like to help:*
Below are some area of need that we have at the moment but please feel free to tell us what you feel you can help with most if that is different. We treasure every offer and are sure we can be surprised by how certain needs amongst us can be addressed differently:)

If you're already involved in Djakonija Pastoral Work…..

If you are already involved in Pastoral Work linked to djakonija pls tick all roles that you fulfill
you might want to tell us about a special interest /experience /skill you want to put to good use here
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Involvement in voluntary initiatives
We ask you this question as we don’t want in any way to undo the good that is happening. On the other hand we appreciate that sometimes people need change. Communication helps us handle thing in a healthy way 🙂